AAT Qualifications

ABOUT AAT Qualifications

The AAT Level 2, 3 & 4 Qualification is an internationally recognized qualification that is based on practical, real-world accounting knowledge which you one can put to use from day one. The AAT qualification is recognized and respected by employers providing students with excellent and secure career prospects for both employment and self-employment.

One does not require any previous qualifications or work experience to embark the AAT program and on completion, one will be equipped to work in any area of finance and enjoy a varied and challenging role.

We are dedicated in offering high-quality training programs to each individual or organization as we put emphasis to each training we conduct which is designed to maximize benefits, provide cost-effective and customer-focused solutions. All projects we undertake are handled with extensive expertise and experience to strategy development, to program implementation, and finally, real gains and delivering results.

Our team is composed of competent professionals who particularly aim to deliver high-quality training. Most of our clients are top companies belonging from the private and government organizations.

AAT Qualifications at Al Moalem Institute

Please follow this link to find AAT Digital prospectus for employers:

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