An organization that can keep up with the constant pace and collaboration with stakeholders for continuous improvement and development is considered to embrace agile methodologies.

Companies that are agile can work with project stakeholders continuously and constantly in the progress towards the development of an end product. This in return can lead to high client retention and satisfaction as an agile approach aims to streamline product development while gathering and reacting to customer feedbacks immediately.

Our PMI-Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)® course is the perfect course to embark your journey into learning and validating your skills and knowledge of agile practices and techniques.

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who aim to prepare for and accomplish the PMI-ACP® certification exam successfully.
  • Those who wish to gain fundamentals and practices on Agile approaches.
  • Graduates who are aiming to start a successful professional career in project management.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This course will take 24 guided learning hours to complete.

Do I need any prior qualifications to join this course?

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. It is recommended that you have working knowledge of Agile practices.

How much are the fees for this course?

The course fees will depend on your personal circumstances as you may be eligible for funding support. Please contact us at +973 17553808 or for more information.

What employment opportunities can I apply for after gaining this qualification?

The PMI-ACP credential is beneficial for roles that are growingly accepting and incorporating agile practices in their work activities. This job roles include:

  • Project Managers
  • IT Leaders
  • Software Developers
  • Product Development Team members
  • Quality Assurance Professionals

I’m interested to join this course, how can I register?

Please do register through this online registration form and fill out the necessary information to proceed on your registration. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding this course, you may reach us at +973 17553808 or

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