Having up to date knowledge and skills in handling of accounting information is seen as a crucial aspect in today’s businesses.  Future accountants like you must be equipped with competencies and ethical standards tailored to meet various industry demands and environments.

The course Managing costs and finance, MA2, introduces you to costing and financing principles and techniques, and elements of management accounting which are used to make and support decisions.

The course introduces the basics of recording costs in management accounting. This is followed by coverage of a variety of costing techniques used in business.

The next area of the syllabus introduces candidates to the use of management accounting in support of decision making. Finally, the syllabus introduces you to the concept of cash management as an essential element for planning.

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who are preparing to take the Managing Costs and Finance (MA2) ACCA Examination.
  • Those who aiming to complete the ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 3).
  • Those who are aiming for an accounting profession at the junior and apprentice level across all sectors

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How long does it take to complete the course?

The duration of this course is 50 guided learning hours to complete.

Do I need any prior qualifications to join this course?

You must complete the ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2) or equivalent qualification in order to join this course.

How much are the fees for this course?

The course fees will depend on your personal circumstances as you may be eligible for funding support. Please contact us at +973 17553808 or info@almoalem.net for more information.

What employment opportunities can I apply for after gaining this qualification?

ACCA Qualifications are designed to meet employer needs through developing our learner’s technical knowledge and practical skills relevant for accountancy roles. This course is ideal for those who wish to progress learning in accounting and business and are aiming to be or already working as:

  • Bookkeeping assistant for a Small-Medium Enterprise
  • Accounting clerk
  • Administrative and support roles in an accounting & finance department

I’m interested to join this course, how can I register?

Please do register through this online registration form and fill out the necessary information to proceed on your registration. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding this course, you may reach us at +973 17553808 or info@almoalem.net

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