The contribution of 3D modeling has changed the way we design. Since its inception, 3D modeling has encouraged designers to think differently and produce a new broad range of designs that considers other elements which cannot be seen in 2D perspective.

Thanks to the latest technologies, 3D models have been able to contribute to the society new developments and solutions in different aspects of life.

This course will introduce you to MAYA’s powerful tools 3D content creation for modelling, animation, texturing, and rendering and how to apply them to your future projects.

This course is ideal for:

• Design professionals who would like to learn about 3D graphic designing.
• Beginners who do not have any experience using Autodesk MAYA.
• Those who would like to certify their proficiency in using Autodesk MAYA software.

Can’t figure out where to start? Reach out to one of our representatives here.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This course will take 60 guided learning hours to complete.

Do I need any prior qualifications to join this course?

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. It is recommended that learners should have functional capabilities to operate computers with basic knowledge of application software.

How much are the fees for this course?

The course fees will depend on your personal circumstances as you may be eligible for funding support. Please contact us at +973 17553808 or for more information.

What employment opportunities can I apply for after gaining this qualification?

Experience the power of this software right in your hands. Start learning and get certified to kickstart your career in your chosen industry as a:

• 3D Visual Designer
• Video game editor
• Visual Graphics Animator
• Graphic Designer

I’m interested to join this course, how can I register?

Please do register through this online registration form and fill out the necessary information to proceed on your registration. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding this course, you may reach us at +973 17553808 or

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