After Effects

The “WOW” element. That is what we people look for to determine that something is of best quality. Well, in multimedia production, visual effects are one of the go-to solutions you need when adding excitement into your interactive contents.

Visual effects (VFX) is seen to be a growing profession. Thanks to the emergence of various multimedia, VFX professionals are increasingly in demand nowadays. It is essential for a VFX professional to use software like Adobe After Effects to take advantage of its tools and apply amazing digital visual effects into the overall media production.

Our Adobe After Effects course guides future VFX professionals like you to use the software and deploy its capabilities unto your next multimedia project.

Our Adobe Illustrator training course will give you the essential skills you need to operate the software and unlock your creative potentials in digital art.

This course is ideal for:

  • Designers and artists who are migrating from another VFX editing software to Adobe After Effects
  • Planning to start a VFX or related career in the future.
  • Beginners who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of Adobe After Effects software.

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