Emerging tech trends in Bahrain to watch out for

Given the momentum of businesses and markets towards digital transformation, it is no doubt that world is indeed at a massive technological shift.

In Bahrain, the commitment towards digital transformation, even in the midst of pandemic, is at an expediting pace as the nation strives to be one of the global leaders in technology sector. Aiming to attract more tech firms to invest in the country, Bahrain strives to strengthen digital transformation strategies in both public and private establishments.

Here are emerging top tech trends in Bahrain to watch out for

1. Cloud

Years after Amazon Web Services (AWS) inaugurated its Middle East Region office in Manama, careers requiring skills in cloud in Bahrain have experienced exponential growth in demand. Cloud is a trending cost effective, cost efficient solution for organizations and individuals because of the accessible and flexible services it provides through the Internet. More and more organizations require professionals and even graduates with skills in cloud as more businesses shift to cloud-based infrastructures.

2. FinTech

The integration of recent changes in technologies to financial services gave birth to the concept now we call FinTech (Financial Technology). Bahrain, known as a strategic hub of major consultancy firms, is continually strengthening its position as one of the leaders in the financial services sector worldwide. It’s status as a financial hub of its region is a key factor to long-term economic development. To sustain this growth, financial professionals must keep up with the latest FinTech advancements such as mobile payments, fund transfers, loans, and much more financial services. FinTech is deemed one of the winning concepts of the future of financial services.

3. Mobile App Development

Not known to many outside the nation, Bahrain is one of the pioneering countries who used mobile application services to offer COVID-19 vaccine appointment booking. Through the BeAware Bahrain App, citizens and residents are well aware and informed of the support and services the Kingdom of Bahrain has to offer in relation to combating COVID-19. It provides a fast and cost effective approach to spread awareness for a wide range of population. More and more services in Bahrain are being offered in mobile such as food deliveries, payment transactions, medical appointments, name it! No wonder, mobile application developers are one of the sought after professionals in the island.

4. E-commerce

As business owners shifts from brick-and-mortar stores to extravagant online shops, transactions through e-commerce is expected to uncontrollably grow.  Bahrain has seen a change in consumer spending behavior in the midst of the pandemic, as consumers slowly transition to shopping online. And because of the cost efficiency that e-commerce shops has to offer, it attracted thousands of local and international entrepreneurs to build their efforts towards online stores which enabled them a chance to capture back market attention, but to reach to a wider scope of global audience through the Internet.

The future of technology along with changing market needs is a bright one. With the right leadership and strategy, the nation’s shift towards digital transformation is a great milestone to achieve. To keep up with the changing market needs, it is a must to ensure that acceleration in almost every function of businesses involves radical or incremental technological advancement which requires a bit of upskilling and reskilling of the workforce involved.