Top industries in Bahrain that hire the most interns

You passed all your examinations, accomplished your research projects, and are so close to achieving that college degree you’ve always worked hard for.

You are so ready to take on the next stage of your life, embarking unto a journey into becoming dynamic at your chosen profession.

Yet, with limited work experience, how do you start becoming one?

Many companies hire fresh graduates as they believe that graduates make great employees by pitching in new ideas, vibe, and perspectives. However, many are also hesitant to hire a fresh-off-the-books graduate mainly because of lack of experience. Between this dilemma, the concept of internship or on-the-job training is created.

Internship is not a new thing in the recruitment scene. In fact, many graduates opt for internships, perform best, and end up at a full-time job within organizations they’ve worked for. Being an intern will give you substantial experience in the profession you want to pursue.

For organizations, having an intern who extends a helping hand can often allow them to accomplish tasks or finish projects faster. That’s why many organizations worldwide, big or small do make efforts to offer internship placements annually.

In Bahrain, internship season typically starts in the months of April and July, however many organizations offer positions all year round which makes it a great place for graduates seeking for traineeship roles in various disciplines and sectors. Typically, internship roles in Bahrain lasts between 3 to 6 months and most organizations do offer paid internship placements.

Based on our research, here’s a list of top 5 industries in Bahrain hiring the most interns:

1. Information Technology

The list of job placements keeps growing and growing for Bahrain’s tech industry as it is strongly backed with the public and private sector’s push for digital transformation. More and more organizations opt to integrate technology with their operations which means the required workforce that has substantial skills in IT – at any level – is expected to grow in this sector in the coming years. Majority of interns hired in this sector perform roles in: Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Front-End Development, Graphic Design, and App Development.

2. Accounting & Financial Services

The future of Bahrain’s financial services is bright. Thanks to the dedicated and innovative financial professionals, the nation became a hub for accounting and finance consultancy services in the region. Bahrain is keen to attract top talents to join this industry and make it excel even higher. Available internship positions are in the fields of: Tax Audit, Assurance, Accounting, Risk Management, and Business Services.

3. Construction

With major projects in pipeline, there is no doubt that Bahrain-based construction companies will be in need for additional manpower to support ongoing and upcoming projects soon. The volume of tasks to complete in construction projects is no joke, and with extending aid from an intern, keeping job workflows smooth and efficient can be easily attained. Major tasks designated to construction interns include on-site and back-office responsibilities such as: Document Controlling, Project Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Safety.

4. Marketing & Advertising Services

The accelerating digital marketing scene in Bahrain is a clear sign that organizations understand the value of establishing one’s online presence nowadays. Changes in consumer behaviors made companies turn to marketing agencies for consultancy services to develop better audience reach and achieve an established online presence. With this trend, organizations in marketing tend to typically hire interns to perform job roles in: Social Media, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Market Research.

5. Hospitality

Tourism is one of Bahrain’s top industries. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the sector experienced a huge downturn affecting various industries including Hospitality. Nevertheless, the sector showed signs of resilience, as new hotel and restaurant establishments have risen in the midst of the pandemic. With the opening of Bahrain’s air and land borders, it is no doubt that the sector, which once contributed billions of revenue to Bahrain’s economy, will bounce back strong. The hospitality sector often requires interns for roles in: Guest Relations, Food Service, Housekeeping, Kitchen, and Recreation.

Internships are great way to embark on your career journey. They are great opportunities to immerse yourself into new experiences that are essential for your growth as a professional. No matter what internship opportunity you engage at, it is always important to do your best and grab as much experience as possible. Because who knows, your efforts might lead you to a full time career, or even open many other doors for improvement.