Al Moalem Institute Courses

Our bespoke and institute-made courses resembles our experience in the field of human resources development. We work side-by-side with industry-experts and design courses that works perfectly with your organizational training needs. Our programs are suitable for a variety of learner types, experience, and job levels. Click on each to find out more about a workshop/course.

Introduction to Value Added Tax (VAT)

This course will introduce you to Value Added Tax, specifically the implications of the GCC-VAT.

Introduction to Human Resources

This course provides you the basic tools and understanding to perform in the human resources management function.

Performance Management

This course is sure to empower leaders in managing team performance, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity.

Customer Service Management

In this exciting course, you will learn key customer service management skills that you can adopt in your organization to enhance a culture of establishing strong customer relationships.

Understanding Real Estate Development Process and Principles

This course is designed for entry-to intermediate-level professionals from all disciplines, both public and private sectors to understand the principles and processes in real estate development.

Smart Selling Skills

This course will take you to an exciting and highly-informative training that covers techniques and practices to develop your abilities in selling your products and/or services.

Effective Retail Supervisory Skills

This workshop aims to help retail supervisors to overcome many of the challenges in the retail industry, and to set the groundwork for a successful change in your working life!

Work Ethics

In this course, we will introduce you to the fundamental understanding of work ethics and its impact to businesses.

Coaching and Mentoring

This course aims to boost and encourage a supportive and collaborative coaching culture in organizations.